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Reasons To Choose Handmade Linen Bedding


Linen is increasingly preferred over other materials for bedding. Right from celebrities to resorts and top rated hotels opt for this beautiful fabric for their bed sheets, duvets and pillows. Moreover the trend now is handmade linen bedding. Yes, you have heard it right. More and more people are inclining towards natural bedding to benefit from that ‘ultimate bedding’ feel.

Reasons to choose handmade linen bedding:

  • Handmade bedding is made with care and creativity. Gone are the days when machine made bedding were considered the best. It is now the era of decor and people love to get unique and high quality farmhouse-style linen for their home/bedroom. A handmade piece is always distinct and it is certain to give you a “luxury” feel. It might cost you a bit more than the machine made ones, but definitely worth every penny.
  • While linen scores better on durability in comparison with cotton, it is also known to repel dirt and preserve your skin. When you touch it this fabric is sure to get you a sleep you have longed for! The softness of the fabric blended with love can give you a pleasant and cool feel when you lie down after a hard day. The breathability of the fabric also assures maximum comfort.
  • Handmade natural bedding is high on craftsmanship. Buying a handmade linen sheet not only portrays your unique personality and character but adds value to your home for you to take pride in. This way, you are also supporting a skilled community that is striving its best to keep the art alive in the age where machines and mass production dominate.
  • Farmhouse-style linen is greatly appealing to the eyes and offers full value for your money. Linen handmade bedding is available in almost all colors and a wide range of prints and blends. This means, you will have a huge collection available to make your choice. You can choose the one that syncs with your wall painting and other home furniture.
    Handmade bedding, or any handmade item for that matter, is truly one of a kind. It cannot be duplicated. Each item will be different in texture, color or work. So, choosing a natural bedding means, you will own an out of the ordinary piece for your bedroom.
  • Natural bedding can provide you a better sleep. The love and care with which the item is made will straight reach your heart. You will experience the joy only when you touch or sleep on it. Surprisingly wonderful, don’t you feel so?

Now you know how natural linen bedding is different from a machine made one, what’s stopping you? Grey Moose offers the best quality, farmhouse-style, designer linen bedding and accessories. You can also order custom size bedding at this magical workshop.

Choose extraordinary handmade linen bedding and create a bedroom space that looks just out of a fairytale!