Linen Pillowcases

If you are searching for high quality linen pillowcases, stop by Grey Moose Linen Atelier for premium-quality set bundles, models with ties and ruffles. Believe us, there’s no chance you’ll be disappointed.

There are plenty of linen pillowcase for sale. If you’re into organic eco-friendly items, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve manufactured a wide variety of high-quality pillow covers made of natural linen fabric.

Our flagship models are vintage linen pillowcases with dramatic shabby chic ruffle , ties and linen bows. These models will be perfect for people with exquisite taste. If you want to make you house look fancy and glamorous, just check these items in our catalogue.

Our pillowcases prices are very approachable. Moreover, we often put up our Linen bedding sale events where you can find top-shelf pillowcases and other linen-based products with ruffles, embroideryand otherdecorative elements.

If you are an owner of a linen store and you’d like to resell our products, you can make a wholesale order. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to giveyou all the information.

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