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Duvet cover with frayed edge ruffles in Mouse Grey

Weight: 2.0000 kg

Ruffle Duvet Cover Frayed Edge. Give your bed a cozy, rustic feel with this gorgeous ruffled duvet cover. Crafted from 100% linen, this hand-made bedding is soft, snug and homely. It features large ruffles around the outside of the cover that have been finished with frayed edges for a truly homespun look. This ruffled duvet cover is available in 6 colors and looks even better when paired with a set of matching pillow cases. • Made from 100% linen• Soft, breathable and long-lasting• Crafted by hand• Available in 6 colors• Features dramatic ruffles with frayed edges Listing includes: One Duvet cover with frayed edge ruffles Please see also our other shabby chic duvet cover sets  in all sizes.



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