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Embroidered decorative ruffled pillowcase in Ivory

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Monogram throw pillow. Decorative pillowcases with frayed edge ruffles. Decorative pillows in victorian style With Super Dense Ruffles.Toss a few 100% linen ruffled tattered throw pillows with frayed edges for that rustic farm charm appeal!Treat Yourself to Only the Best with 100% linen! Belarus Linen is preshrunk and get softer and softer with everyone wash.Comes in Different Sizes and Several Colors to Complete Your Decor…Custom Sizes Welcome.This product was made with high-quality Belarusian fabric, which is certified by Eco-Tecs Standart 100, class 1(textile for newborns and babies).•Please message on order the COLOR and Letter you would like.Consist: flax – 100%Density: 160-185 g/m²Listing includes 1 monogram throw pillow!



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