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Grey Moose Linen Atelier

Linen bath towel in Natural Melange

Weight: 0.5000 kg

Out of stock

Natural Rustic Linen Towel for your Shower, Bath, Spa and Sauna Experience…Beautiful Farm Charm Heavyweight Flax Linen Towel with a Fantastic Rustic Texture Giving You Maximum Absorbency and Quick Drying When Using This Charming Towel, Your Skin will Feel Clean, Vigorous and Wide Awake! Please Visit My Shop for More Bath towels in different colors, bed scarfs, bed runners and Many More Designs. Size 43″ x 78″(110x200cm) Dimensions: approximately:•In Comparison with Softer and Thicker Bath Towels, this Natural Flax Linen Towel will Soak Up the Water from Your Skin MUCH Faster•Dry Faster than Other fabrics •Looks So Charming•Will take up Less Room in the Linen Closet Too…..A win – win – win – WIN!



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