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Linen Bed Sheets set in Dark Grey

Weight: 1.0000 kg

Linen Bed Sheets set is an elite luxury bedding! Wrap yourself up in these luxurious linen bed sheets set for a restful night’s sleep! These luxurious 100% linen bed sheets set keep you warm and cool at the same time, while naturally regulating your body temperature.The sheets become softer and stronger with each wash, which will keep them for a long time.The product is made of high-quality European linen, certified by Eco-Tecs Standart 100, class 1 (textiles for newborns and babies).Treat yourself to only the best! You deserve it! The set includes: Linen fitted sheet – 1 pcs Linen flat sheet – 1 pcs Pillowcases – 2 pcs (US Twin, US Twin XL, EUR Single include 1 pillowcase) There are several guidelines for caring for your new linen sheets. – Be sure to wash before first use. – Natural white and gray fabrics are machine washable up to 194F / 90C and even boiling point (s).However, the fabric does not need to be washed in hot water. Be sure to wash your laundry in cool or warm water up to 104F / 40C and colored linen at 140F / 60C. Set the wash cycle to “delicate”. – White and bleached laundry should be washed with an all-purpose detergent. Use fabric softener when washing colored items. – Avoid drying in a tumble dryer to prolong the life of the laundry. Although it is NOT recommended to dry your laundry in the dryer, the laundry can withstand a maximum of the “delicate” cycle in the dryer. I will be very happy to sew any other products for you and will be waiting for you in my online store. Add fast DHL EXPRESS shipping for only $ 26 to your order.



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