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Linen Bed Skirt with frayed edge ruffles 6 colors

Weight: 2.0000 kg
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Give your bed a touch of flair, feminism and flounce with the frayed edges ruffled linen bed skirt. It’s the perfect modern twist to something which is totally vintage and regal. The frayed edges of the linen bed skirt give a sense of a relaxed and chilled out vibe but the ruffled top of the white linen bed skirt queen restores the vintage feel. It’s like having the perfect crossover between the traditional and contemporary styles. Our top-quality bed skirts will last you for decades without any hint of deterioration due to the durable linen fabric, in fact it gets better with time. Available sizes: linen bed skirt Twin, linen bed skirt Full Double, linen bed skirts Queen, linen bed skirt King and custom. Consist: flax – 100%Density: 160-185 g/m² Please see also our other super soft bedding products from same pure linen fabrics in all sizes: Linen Bed Skirt ruffled Shabby chic decor Embroidered decorative pillowcasess with super dense ruffles Linen Pilow cover with ruffles 5″



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