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Grey Moose Linen Atelier

Linen Curtains Panels with long ruffles Set of 2 in White

Weight: 1.0000 kg
Width of each panel

Length of each panel

Linen Curtains (set of 2) for home. Farmhouse style Shabby Chic Elegance… Brighten Your Interior with these 100% Flax Curtains for home.Made from the 100% Flax Fabric…this Lovely Panel has been Pre-washed for a Softer Vintage Look. 100% Flax is Inherently Durable, Breathable, and Hypollergenic. Curtain Panels is available in Custom Sizes and Colors…Listing is for TWO Chic Luxury Panel. You cannot find the right size for you?Contact us and we will create a custom listing just for you! There are few recommendations for the care of your new Curtains — Before using it for the first time, be sure and wash it. — Natural white and gray fabrics can withstand machine washing up to 194F/90C and even boiling temperature(s). However, the fabrics don’t require to be washed in hot water. Please be sure and wash the linen in cool or lukewarm water up to 104F/40C, and wash colored linen fabrics at 140F/60C. Set the wash cycle to “gentle”. — White and whitened linens should be washed using multipurpose detergent. Use a fabric softener when washing colored linens. — Avoid drying in a dryer to extend and preserve the life of the linen. Even though it is NOT recommended drying the linen in the dryer, the linen can withstand a maximum of the “gentle” cycle in the dryer. I’ll be very happy to sew any other products for you and will be waiting for you in my online store.



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