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Roman Window Shade Rovena collection in Beige


Roman window shade, blackout, Beige color. Complete with cornice. Any size is available to order, just contact us (find us online) and we will definitely help you.

These Roman shade are the perfect choice for your window. Their blackout material provides complete privacy in your room. You can enjoy darkness and peace at any time of the day. The curtains are gray in color, which easily matches any interior.

The curtains come with a curtain rod, which makes them even more convenient to use. You can easily install them yourself without requiring the help of a specialist.

These Roman shade will add elegance and comfort to your home. They are ideal for a bedroom, living room or children’s room. They go perfectly with any interior style – from classic to modern. Create an atmosphere of comfort and beauty with these Roman shades.

Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase high quality indoor curtains.



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