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Grey Moose Linen Atelier

Ruffled linen bedspread with frayed edges in Dark Grey

Weight: 2.0000 kg
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Ruffled linen bedspread with frayed edge: If you the most expensive beds but the bedspread of your bed is not that charming then you are truly not justifying the cost of your luxurious bed, such is the significance of a quality bedspread. We have introduced Linen coverlet with ruffles to solve the issue for you, since we offer standard material in different shapes, sizes and designs and that’s too at your doorstep. Consist: flax – 100% Density: 160-185 g/m² In the picture the bedspread in ivory color. Fancy Farmhouse Linen throw pillow cover Pillow Cover with dramatic ruffle frayed edge (set of 2)



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