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Grey Moose Linen Atelier

Ruffled linen hand towel in Natural Melange

Weight: 0.5000 kg

Ruffled linen hand towel in Natural Melange made from 100% natural flax. Linen towels look great for a long time. They absorb water, have antiallergenic and antiseptic qualities. Using natural body towels every day you will feel a surge of strength and touch to nature. Listing includes One ruffled linen hand towel frayed edge frills in Natural Flax Care: gentle wash do not iron softer with every washing Please Visit My Shop for more curated selection of products including linen pillow covers, linen bed skirts and linen curtains for your home.  Add to the order fast delivery DHL and get your goods in 2-8 business days Monogrammed linen towel with frayed edge frills For kitchen and dining room



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