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Linen pillowcases (set of 2) Elegant Charm Farmhouse style Shabby chic decor in White

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Fabulous Whimsy 100% Belarus Linen Mermaid Long Ruffle Pillowcase...

This Dense Frill Pillowcase has both Elegant Charm and Fancy Farmhouse appeal!

Made from the finest Belarus linen that will just become softer and softer with each wash.

Show off it’s Fabulous long ruffle down the sides of bed!

2 tie hidden closure
frill length about 17 inches

Pillowcase can be ironed or left free with the wrinkled look that is so desired in linen bedding today. Twist the body of ruffle to produce an even more dramatic wrinkled pleating.
Have a Beautiful nights sleep!

Ruffled linen bedspread Shabby chic Classic


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