About Us

Our story

Hello! My name is Natalia! I am the owner of a young brand Grey Moose Linen Atelier. We are located in the city of Smolensk (Russia) and it is a small but magical sewing workshop-atelier for sewing designer linen bedding, linen curtains and accessories made from linen fabric.

This is me, Sultanova Natalia

We started in 2017 and have made tremendous results which have helped us to gain remarkable experiences. Though we are a new brand, we strive for perfection which has led us to having over 1050 5-star reviews from customers on the Etsy marketplace. Apart from this, we also collaborate with interior designers and you can also place your orders with us for perfect quality results and on time deliveries. 

What makes our company different?

We make linens of standard sizes and the sizes demanded by our customers. Our team consists of nine people.

Our team

Our value lies in our customers; our team is diversified with different backgrounds, but we have one vision, one goal, one dream, and one team spirit: a desire for setting and attaining objectives by cooperating with clients who want our products.


We merge our strengths together, uniting our business experience and innovative minds to bring forth high quality designs.

Our Vision

The main core of our vision is to satisfy our clients. We plan and execute our work excellently; we build solid relationships with our clients and let our work speak for us. The happiness of our clients is our success.

Sewing workshop-work is in full swing

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide creative and innovative linen bedding set; as well as separate items such as bedspread, ruffled duvet cover, linen bedding sheets, linen pillowcases, table linen, bath towels and many other items.
We are out to provide you with unique designs that are developed by us with our friendly environmental flax fabrics of high quality.

All our products are made by hand from natural fabrics plus our products are softened by our special technology after sewing.

Our path

Seeing satisfied customers we work with every day is our hallmark. We aim to provide you with top-quality services with remarkable products. We are a team and we prioritize our clients; because we believe in having sustainable relationships with our customers.

Our fundamental principles

Our founding values form the main part of our philosophy and direct every decision we make.


We collaborate and surpass expectations.
We build relationships and make our customers allies.
We help every client get their desired products.


We share success.
We support our clients.
We are creative and innovative.


We earn esteem.
We convey quality and we take pride in our work.

Our culture

We consider passion as everything and it is very essential to our company. We have faith in creating top-notch quality designs which can satisfy everyone who makes a purchase with us.

Contact with us  pinterest.com/grey_moose/ facebook.com/greymoose.linenatelier greymooseatelier