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Frequently asked questions

Care instructions

  • Before using it for the first time, be sure and wash it.
  • Natural white and gray fabrics can withstand machine washing up to 194°F/90°C and even boiling temperature(s). However, the fabrics don’t require to be washed in hot water. Please be sure and wash the linen in cool or lukewarm water up to 104°F/40°C, and wash colored linen fabrics at 140°F/60°C. Set the wash cycle to “gentle”.
  • White and whitened linens should be washed using multipurpose detergent. Use a fabric softener when washing colored linens.
  • Avoid drying in a dryer to extend and preserve the life of the linen. Even though it is NOT recommended to dry the linen in the dryer, the linen can withstand a maximum of the “gentle” cycle in the dryer.

Custom and personalized orders

For a custom order, write to me.

Most items can be custom made to custom order.


Our material meets the most serious requirements for ecological safety of its products according to certificate Oeko-tex 100. All fabric meets the standards of Oeko-Tex № 12.HBY.02843 Hohenstein concerning the material for table and bed linen.

What payment methods are available

All of our products are sold through the 2Checkout platform, one of America’s largest payment acceptance services, providing the highest level of security for all transactions.
2Checkout supports payment through various credit and debit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, wire transfer, WebMoney, UnionPay and many other methods.
Can I cancel an order and get a refund?
Of course. You can cancel your order if it hasn’t shipped yet in your 2Checkout account or by contacting our technical support team.

Payment is received instantly and the order is transferred to paid status.

Is 2checkout secure?

Given the random news on security threats, it is of high concern for our customers that their personal data are safe when they are checking out online. 2Checkout takes caution and has PCI Level 1 Compliance which is by-far the highest level in the industry.



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