Welcome to the Grey Moose Linen Atelier. We offer comfort on the fly in the form of linen magic. No matter what you’re looking for: bed sheets, bedspread ruffles, or something else which can sparkle up your home environment, we’ve got you covered.

Although our brand is quite young, we can already boast a team of dedicated professionals who will make sure your need for comfort sleeping is well met.

One of the main reasons why Grey Moose is different is that we actually listen to what you have to say. We are very well aware of the fact that everyone is different, and we integrate our customers’ advice and feedback into every bedspread we make. Everything you see in our catalogue is a direct product of healthy relationships between our team and customers – quality sleep is very important, but quality communication is just as well.

We are open to any suggestions and welcome any ideas if you have something specific in mind. Meanwhile, we recommend to take a look at our catalogue of skirted bedspreads, linen ruffle comforters, coverlets, and dozens of other linen-based products.

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