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  9. White sheer curtain on curtain tape (linen-60%, cotton-40%)
Grey Moose Linen Atelier

White sheer curtain on curtain tape (linen-60%, cotton-40%)

Weight: 1.0000 kg

Out of stock

If you are the type of person who values simplicity, you will love our white linen-cotton sheer curtain on curtain tape Ikea with metal hooks. Made of premium-quality linen-cotton fabric, this sheer curtain are as mellow as a dream, yet thick enough to endure quite a bit. Apart from looking great and being durable, it’s also available at a very attractive price. Made of 60% linen 40% cotton that Naturally Repels Dirt and Dust to Keep Your Window Looking Fresh and Clean! Custom Sizes Welcome. Listing includes ONE linen-cotton sheer curtain with metal hooks



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