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Linen Fitted sheet in Mouse Grey

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Material: 100% linen
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You will be in a state of bliss using this sheet. You will notice useful features of our sheets on the first night and you will understand that you’ve never been so cheerful. Linen sheets are the most fade-resistant, so it well stand the test of time.
This material is antibacterial and antistatic. Linen material is more air permeable that other materials. We assure you that you can be confident in the quality of our products.

Fitted sheet is ideal for big mattresses. Enjoyable light-brown color of sheets will be soil-resistant. It’s ideal for different bedding sets. Also white color sheets will be suitable for any bedroom style.
Our fitted sheets are all-round elastic.

Fitted sheets are made with European softened linen fabric. 100% flax. The fabric was softened beforehand. High quality! Hand-made!


Linen sheets set (set of 4) Pillowcases with frayed edge frills in set



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